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Increasing energy efficiency in Burgas Free Zone
[ 28-03-2013 ]
Burgas Free Zone began a major project for external reconstruction of all administrative buildings in its logistics terminal. Repairs will be carried out in accordance with all environmental standards - the end result is to achieve greater energy efficiency. This will ensure reliability of structures, saving energy, improving the conditions of living, and last but not least - to increase the price of the premises.
Building renovation will include the following main activities:
1. Replacement of windows;
2. Insulation layer on the facades of the building;
3. Renovation or replacement of the roof covering (shingles, water insulation, sheathing), and at the same time laying the heat insulation;
4. Renovation of the common areas of the buildings, replacement of plumbing systems, as well as other repairs;

Energy efficiency achieved through renovation and termal insulation is a key factor in reducing the cost for heating and cooling, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Energy savings after the reconstruction of the buildings in Burgas Free Zone is expected to be 40-50%. This is easily attainable amid rising energy prices and investments made in renovation and thermal insulation are repaid faster.


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