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Second business forum Sofia - Taipei 2012
[ 20-06-2012 ]
BCCI hosted the second business forum Sofia – Taipei. The event was organized jointly with the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association and brought together 16 representatives of the business and public institutions in Taiwan and 40 Bulgarian businessmen.

The Chairman of the Bulgarian – Taiwanese Group for Economic and Cultural Cooperation in the Bulgarian Parliament Mr. Dimitar Chukarski announced that the recently experienced visa problems have been resolved and the citizens of Taiwan can now enter the EU without a visa. He said that together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they are working on the recognition of documents exchanged by companies on a daily basis.

During the forum presentations of the “Economic and Investment Climate in Bulgaria” and “The Photovoltaic Market in Bulgaria” were made, as well as of the “Opportunities for a new generation of embedded mini computers and boards” and “How to stay in step with nature using solar energy”.

In compliance with the signed protocol, the third joint business forum will be held in Taipei next year.

The forum continued with bilateral meetings.


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